Saturday, January 17, 2015

Big Data with the Microsoft Analytics Platform System

Want a broad-level technical look at Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS), the high-performance and scalable solution built for modern data warehousing needs? If you're looking to improve your data loading and query response times (up to and beyond 100x over legacy solutions), get the details on this massively parallel processing appliance.
Experts highlight the hardware architecture and the software, and they walk you through an end-to-end demo of the appliance's power. They show you the Big Data capabilities in APS, with the included PolyBase, which can perform standard SQL queries to access and join Hadoop data with relational data. If you're working with real-time data analytics, you won't want to miss this course!

Friday, January 16, 2015

SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group - January 2015 Meet-up

Welcome to a new year of data goodness!

To start of this year, we have a distinguished personality in the data space in Sri Lanka, along with a SQL Server MVP speaking on a couple of interesting topics at the January meet-up.

See attached image for details, and for more.
(Also, it's not required, but it would be great to hear if you would be participating: Click here to confirm)


Friday, December 19, 2014

SQL Server 2014 – Delayed Transaction Durability

Prior to SQL Server 2014, SQL Server used a Write Ahead Log (WAL) mechanism which means that changes are written to the transaction log before they are committed.  The major advantage with this mechanism is that there will be no data loss . However, since IO is the slowest component, there will be a high IO contention for large writes especially if you have a low performing disk configuration for log files.

Delay Transaction Durability is introduced in SQL Server 2014 to enhance write performances, read this article for more details.