Sunday, December 20, 2015

10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2016

BI analysts, industry players predict the rise of self-service, Big Data analytics, real-time data in the coming year. These are the trends for next year.

  • Evolution of Self-Service BI
  • More Advanced, Customizable Visualizations
  • A Screen In the Hand Is Worth Two On the Desk
  • The Rise Of API Deployment
  • Data Is the New Water
  • IoT and Real-Time Data Science
  • Affordable BI For SMBs
  • Mobile Analytics Stands On Its Own
  • Analytics on Hadoop Will Become Reality
  • Tech Giants Escalate the BI War

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By looking at the list, real time BI and Internet of things seems to be the hot topics in year 2016.

Open Live Writer for Windows Live Writer

There has been issues with Windows Live Writer recently mailn it is not able to connect to the blogger account. After searching i found this thread.

Windows live writer wont connect to blogger

It says, this was due to a configuration change from the google end.

“Today we ended support for ClientLogin OAuth 1 (3LO), AuthSub, and OpenID2, and started the shutdown process. Clients attempting to use these services will begin to fail and must be migrated to OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.”

However, There is an alternative for this tool called Open Live writer which can be downloaded at

This is my first post from Open Live Writer. Smile  But this does not have taggings. Sad smile

These are the known issues of this tool.

Known issues:

  • You need to remove your old Google Blogger accounts from Open Live Writer first. After removing them, click the 'Add blog account...' button in Open Live Writer to set up your Google Blogger accounts. When setting up your new blog account, make sure to choose the ‘Google Blogger’ option on the first page. Don’t choose ‘Other’.
  • Scheduling a published post may be a few hours off.
  • Categories are no longer supported in the latest Blogger API v3.
  • Support for authors, tags and comment policies is not enabled yet.
  • Attempting to login to Google Blogger with 0 blogs will show an error message. Please create a blog on first before using Open Live Writer.
  • After logging into Google Blogger in your browser, you may need to manually close the webpage and switch back to Open Live Writer.

Big Data Still Requires Humans To Make Meaningful Connections

This is great article as many of us think that technology is everything. No matter the rich technology we have, still human interventaion is needed for meaningfull connections.

“Perhaps it’s because we put so much faith into technology to solve our problems. We have been led to believe big data is going to help businesses make smarter and more informed decisions.”

“We tend to believe that technology is the answer when it’s just a tool in the hands of humans. As anyone who has watched an episode of Law and Order can attest, you can have the DNA evidence at the scene of the crime, but the detectives still have to do the hard work of finding the person connected to that bit of data. The data is useless without the human element to connect the dots.”

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Tutorial: Data Science with SQL Server R Services

You may have heard that R and the big-data RevoScaleR package have been integrated with with SQL Server 2016 as SQL Server R Services. If you've been wanting to try out R with SQL Server but haven't been sure where to start, a new MSDN tutorial will take you through all the steps of creating a predictive model: from obtaining data for analysis, to building a statistical model, to creating a stored prodedure to make predictions from the model. To work through the tutorial, you'll need a suitable Windows server on which to install the SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview, and make sure you have SQL Server R Services installed. You'll also need a separate Windows machine (say a desktop or laptop) where you'll install Revolution R Open and Revolution R Enterprise. Most of the computations will be happening in SQL Server, though, so this "data science client machine" doesn't need to be as powerful.