8 top Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Trends for 2019

Artificial intelligence will deliver approximately $2 trillion worth of business value worldwide over the next year through the use of advanced computing algorithms that identify and optimize business insights that humans cannot spot. Companies that fail to adopt AI will lose out. Some industries may even be wiped out.

As identified main trends are,

AI and Analytics Merger
Decision Automation
Digital Twins
Edge Computing
Mixed Reality
Blockchain Boom
Cloud Maturity
Full-Stack Engineers


SQL Server 2019 webinar by Bob Ward

The recording of Bob Ward webinar on “SQL Server 2019” is now on YouTube. 
Here is the blog:

SQL Server Temporal Tables Overview

For many applications, it's a common requirement to get details about data modifications that have occurred in a SQL Server table. Tables can have multiple updates and deletes for different reasons, and there may be a need to keep the different versions of records. Prior to SQL Server 2016 you would have to use triggers to keep track of data changes in tables, but now we can use the built-in temporal table feature that was first released in SQL Server 2016.


DevOps and Databases

A robust DevOps environment requires having continuous integration for every component of the system. But far too often, the database is omitted from the equation, leading to problems from fragile production releases and inefficient development practices to simply making it harder to on board new programmers. In this article, it is discussed the unique aspects of databases, both relational and NoSQL, in a successful continuous integration environment. Read more

Script to Create and Update Missing SQL Server ColumnStore Indexes

SQL Server columnstore indexes are helpful when it comes to retrieving large volumes of data.  However, there are instances where columns are added to the table after the columnstore index was created. This means the new columns are missing in the columnstore index. Also, there can be cases where new tables are added and a columnstore index was not created.  In this tip we will look at how we can identify these cases and create scripts to create the index. 

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Why Surrogate Keys are Needed for a SQL Server Data Warehouse

In this tip we look at some of the reasons why surrogate keys should be used when building a data warehouse.