Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Features are Decreased in SP3?

This sounds bit strange for me. Have I missed anything? let me know. This is the scenario.
I have two SQL Server database servers where I have a database with exactly similar schema. This I can assure and I checked this twice if not more. One SQL Server has SP2 applied and SP3 has applied to other. We all expect SP3 to work smarter.
Now I need to Create a view with two table and these two table have a foreign key between them. When I add two tables to the view following image shows the how the behavior in both SP2 and SP3.

In SP2 database server, it shows relation between two relational keys which is the correct way. In the SP3 database server, link has made between the two columns named ID instead of two relational keys. In SP3, I have to drop this wrong relation and then create the right one again.
Both Views were created from one SQL Server Management Studio which drop the issue of version mismatches of SQL Server Management Studio. Only thing I can see is the service packs difference and all the other configurations are same.

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