Friday, March 6, 2009

Integrating perfmon and profiler

perfmon and profiler are valuable tools for DBAs to monitor your SQL Server instance. In SQL Server 2005 you have the option of integrating these two tools. Following video show how to integrate them.

Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 Video5 Video6

This is my second video and it took me more than just pain to get this video done. Initially I couldn’t get this video for one avi file. Then I did the video for 3 videos and found a simple tool to integrate them. After integrating them, final file size was 500+ MB, which was not possible to upload. Then found another tool to split them. After all manage to find to split into six avi files.

As said before, I am not a flashy presenter and please forgive any Language errors. Please send your comments.