Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SQL Heart Beat

There are plenty of tools to monitor your SQL Server Database engine. However, there are hardly any tools to measure performance of SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) database.

To fill this gap in the industry company named SQL Solutions who delivers top of the line database performance tools and specialized consulting services for the Microsoft SQL Server platform, has come with a FREE tool called SQL Heart Beat.

Basic features of SQL Heart beat are,

  • Monitor server wait categories
  • Monitor IO activity
  • Check your current Cache Hits ratio
  • Analyze your I/O system performance
  • Get details about active processes
  • Display locks and deadlocks

Following image shows how you can measure/views these from the SQL Heart beat tool.


Also, you have the option of measuring these performance of multiple SSAS servers from a single instance of a SQL Heart beat.

You can download this tool and experience the benefits.

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