Thursday, October 15, 2009

Changing Parameters for Select Top and Edit Top

In SQL Server 2008, Object Explorer of the SQ Server Management Studio, there are couple of options which are highlighted in the following image.


In SQL Server 2005, there was an option named Open Table, which will open entire table. If that table has lot of rows and columns it will take quite lot of time and resources.

However, in SQL Server 2008, Select Top 1000 Rows will list first 1000 rows and Edit Top 200 Rows will give you the option of editing only first 200 rows.

Problem is how to edit these numbers in case of a need.


In the option menu item of the SQL Server Management Studio, you can change those values as shown in the above diagram. If you want to get all the all the rows, you need to type 0 at the desired place.

Also, this values will be immediately available upon clicking the ok button thus you don’t have to restart SQL Server Management Studio.

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