Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Denali Arrives

Microsoft is making available for download on November 9 the first test version of its next-generation SQL Server release, code-named “Denali.”

Denali will be focused on providing users with more high-availability, self-service and BI functionality.

Here’s a list of some of what is on tap to be included in Denali:

SQL Server AlwaysOn
a new high-availability “solution that will deliver “increased application availability, lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and ease of use, according to the Softies
•Project codename “Apollo”
new column-store database technology aiming to provide greater query performance
•Project codename “Juneau”
a single development environment for developing database, business intelligence (BI) and web solutions
•Project codename “Crescent”
a web-based, data visualization and presentation solution, and follow-on to the PowerPivot technology that is part of SQL Server 2008 R2
•SQL Server Data Quality Services (based on technology from Microsoft’s 2008 Zoomix acquisition)

In addition to making the first Denali CTP available, Microsoft also is making available today a first CTP of the SQL Azure Reporting Services and the SQL Azure Dat Sync Service

Microsoft also launched a first beta today of a new service, codenamed “Atlanta.” Atlanta is a configuration monitoring cloud service that aims to help customers to reduce downtime and improve the performance of Microsoft SQL server deployments. The service monitors the configuration of SQL deployments to help database administrators proactively avoid configuration problems and to resolve identified issues.The target ship date for Atlanta is first half of calendar 2011.

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