Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[SS SLUG] January 2012 Meetup

Announcing the January 2012 meet-up of the SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group (SS SLUG).

Session #1

Using Resource Governor to Manage workload and resources by Dinesh Asanka (MVP)

Resource Governor is a new technology in SQL Server 2008 that enables you to manage SQL Server workload and resources by specifying limits on resource consumption by incoming requests. Join this session to see how you can take advantage of this cool piece of technology.

Dinesh blogs at: http://dbfriend.blogspot.com/

Session #2

Eliminating roundtrips: MERGE and the TABLE data type by Dinesh Priyankara (MVP)

Is your client application still making multiple calls to SQL Server for updating a single dataset? If so, each time the client application makes a call, it affects the network layer unnecessarily. In this session we will see how we can minimize this, passing the dataset with a single call and updating the table with a single statement.

Dinesh blogs at: http://dinesql.blogspot.com/


Microsoft Sri Lanka
11th Floor
DHPL Building
No. 42
Nawam Mawatha
Colombo 2


January 18th (WEDNESDAY), 2012
6:00 PM Onwards


Everyone are welcome. Entrance: FREE



More Information:

SS SLUG Home Page

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