Whirlwind DBA Demos by Pearson Lanka DBAs

I hardly write about my presentations and even I write it will not be more than just a copy and paste from the news letter I am getting from the www.sqlserveruniverse.com . But this time I have some special notes to share.

This idea was tossed by Gogula and then taken over by Pearson Lanka DBAs which have a team of six. So idea was to do six tiny little presentations during 1 hr.

So we decided about topics where are very much common to all of us in day-to-day work. Then every one was given seven minutes to present their topics.

We had two dry runs as this is a new experience for all of us. We were able to tweak our ideas and then cut-short if necessary.

At the live run, we made it happened. All six presentation were good and according to the feedback I received until now ( it is little over 3 hrs after we completed the event) it was a effective session.

It is mainly due to two facts  (I think),

* Since presenters had only seven minutes, we had to pass the message very clearly we selected some what simple but interesting topics.

* Since there are six presenters, audience kept the focus on each presentation.

All in all, it was a success event as far as presenters are concern and I will keep posting any updates I am getting in future.

Another important outcome of this event is we introduced two new speakers. Well it is another Dinesh, Dinesh Karunarathne which makes three Dineshes at SS-SLUG. I kept on asking him to do a presentation but he was able to make an excuse some or the other, but not this time.

Sanjeewa Jayawickrama is the other presenter. But I have to say this, I somewhat sabotage his presentation. I was the “secretary” to all presenters by running their scripts and moving the presentation slides. This is simply to save the time. However, I made few blunders while Sanjeewa presenting. Sorry !!!

We will be doing another round in coming months and hope to improve.

Let us know thoughts as well so that we all can improve.


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  2. Whirl Wind Idea is mind blowing! I personally like the concept.. And hats off to all the presenters for presenting such important things and answering the questions. The effort involved behind those presentations cannot be praised with some simple greetings, with all the work we have with the JOB day today.
    Please Accept a Million Thanks !!

    I should be honest on following things :). These are my personal views. Please correct me if i am wrong.

    I have a slight doubt on an average audience picking up things presented that FAST. I think the DEMO controlling should have been better if it was done by the presenter him self.. Basically the important factor is grasping time of individuals differ so much that we need to at-least accommodate for an average audience. And constraining to small presentation time means, a lot of homework be done by individuals to 'Convey' the idea within the limited time period and accommodate honest feedback from the DRY RUNS.

    I like SS SLUG a lot. Appreciate what you all DO!


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