Thursday, April 12, 2012

SSIS UI Changes in SQL Server 2012

Annotation is also easy with SQL Server 2012 where auto grow is available with high usability.

Apart from the above valuable feature, almost all the task has undergone user interface change. Following is a sample of a SSIS package.


In this version of SSIS, you have the ability to execute dataflow tasks without a destination. This is indeed a valuable feature at the time of designing. Previously, either you have to have row count task as a destination or else you need to have third party task Thrash Destination task. Thrash Destination is a famous task simply because you must need a destination in previous versions of SSIS.

SSIS packages now have the auto save feature so that SSIS packages are easily recoverable. Also packages now have the zooming control built into the package.


Undo/ Redo facility is introduced to ease the development of SSIS. also twenty undo /redo times are supported.


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    For more information about the undo/redo feature, see

    Posted by Carla Sabotta

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    Annotation text boxes are now multi-line but if you select Format->Auto Layout then the annotation remains in place but the SSIS tasks/components move. This results in orphaned annotation text.

    When SSIS 2012 opens up another VS2010 instance to edit C# (script task/component) the CRLF sequences are corrupted and VS2010 prompts to reset them.

    SSIS 2012's expression editors lose CRLF sequences when reopening a package.
    Posted by John Mathews