Monday, July 16, 2012

Increasing the LOG file size

I was doing some research into VLF and was trying increasing the LOG files with different sizes.

I came across with wired situation where when ever I crease the log size by 4GB, it increases with no time, but I go with less size it takes few or more seconds.

Here is the test.

Simply I created the database with 1 GB log file.


Then I expand the log file with 1-7 GBs and every time I re-create the database.


Here are the results.


It is almost a straight line except for 4 GB.

Let us see the physical log growth at each instances.


So surely there is something wrong when you are incrementing by 4GB. When searching I found the blog post from Paul where he confirms that this is a BUG.

I confirmed that this is resolved in SQL Server 2012.

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  1. Correct its because of a type conversion error in the log manager code
    You should see the connect items reported a while back. It will save time & efforts

    Another one you may seek to try at luck