Sunday, September 16, 2012

Internal Version of SQL Server Databases

SQL Server has an internal version for it’s databases which as users you don’t need to know about them. But, in some cases like, attaching databases and restoring them between different version you will end up with error messages indicating these internal version numbers. So you need to know about these version numbers.

Following is the error message I received, trying to attach database which was built in SQL Server 2012 and surprisingly my target server is also SQL Server 2012.


It says my current SQL Server version is 705 while I am trying to attach a database of version 706. But both are SQL Server 2012.

Though both are SQL Server 2012, 705 stand for SQL Server 2012 RC0 while 706 stand for SQL Server 2012 RTM!

Here are the internal versions of different SQL Server versions.


This blog post describes about how to measure the version number and other aspects of it.

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