Monday, April 15, 2013

How Does a DBA fit in ITIL process

DBAs find allot of problems and need to implement process to fill the gap. Money or the concept of making money is often lost between internal organizations because of lack of communication and especially lack of process. ITIL is recognized as the de facto standard for IT Service Management.ITIL is a best practices framework. Kind of..ITIL has a strong relationship with the ISO9000 quality framework. Today all the big organization like HP, EDS , IBM strictly follow the ITIL process and shared the same with client so they can rely on them . As per the current job market it is a mandatory for all the support engineer must be attend the ITIL training and should be complete the foundation exam. ITIL has two major groups, service delivery (what services must IT provide to the business) and service support (how does IT ensure access and service).

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