Friday, June 24, 2016

New age computing could make a difference at Rio 2016 Olympics

Artificial intelligence and machine learning could make the difference where winning margins are just hundredths of a second at Rio 2016.

Already there are reports of Britain’s rowing team and Brazil’s canoeists turning to analytics at Rio with IBM, SAS and GE among companies offering it.
While in Australia the technology is in pilot phase, Microsoft, BizData and The Australian Institute of Sport have taken giant strides in that direction by using machine learning to crunch three years of solid data to predict when an Australian athlete might suffer injuries and illness induced by factors in their body.
Microsoft Australia Director, Cloud & Enterprise Business Group Toby Bowers said machine analysis could make a huge difference in Olympic competition. “The solution that they’ve built with our technology using predictive analytics predicts when an athlete’s going to be injured three days before it happens,” Mr Bowers said.

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