Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Redgate Announces New SQL Server Database Cloning Tool

Redgate, a Cambridge-UK based software company that develops SQL Server tools, has launched the beta of its new database cloning tool called SQL Clone that enables databases to be cloned quickly, while saving up to 99% of disk space.
According to the company, the new technology resolves a long-standing issue in software development. Typically, this involves database administrators having to provision a copy of the database for each developer request, which takes up valuable time as well as disk space. The result is that teams end up working on outdated versions of the database in a shared environment, rather than having the freedom to work on isolated local versions that can be created and deleted rapidly.
Read more http://www.dbta.com/Editorial/News-Flashes/Redgate-Announces-New-SQL-Server-Database-Cloning-Tool-114985.aspx

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