Wednesday, December 9, 2015


With the development of Web 2.0 significantly semi-structured, unstructured data has been generated. Typical RDBMS are lack of scaling and inefficient of handling Big data So the NoSQL Databases have the capabilities of handling those kind of data. Even though NoSQL databases are there, RDBMS are still remaining in the industry since some of features are not yet supported by the NoSQL databases, such as ACID properties. The typical Data warehouse consists of repository of data and those are non-volatile and extracting from different heterogeneous data sources. Since the central repository of data allows make strategic decisions of an organization. ETL is the process which used in extracting data, transform data to suit to data warehouse environment and load the data to the targeted data warehouse database. There were similar researches on for extracting data from NoSQL databases. However, those have limitations such as specific only for one vendor and only extraction is considered and transformation and loading to data warehouses with ETL characteristics are not addressed. Aim of this research on NoSQL ETL will be vital since currently data warehouses are consists of structured data and this will leads to store unstructured data in data warehouse and allows making strategic decisions, data analysis on top of it.

Paper ID: v3i1105 is published in IJRCAR  volume 3 Issue 11 November 2015
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